Baja Ha-Ha XXV 2018 Cruisers Rally
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Baja Ha-Ha XXV

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Baja Ha-Ha XXV registration is closed.

Fleet Tracker App (beta testing) set up on 'Tracking the Ha-Ha Fleet' page 10/31/18
What's the Photo of Marilyn Monroe Doing Here? 10/19/18
Important Events for Southbound Sailors 10/16/18
Crew For The Baja Ha-Ha?
Seminars and Welcome Party 9/20/18
The Sea Of Cortez Is No More! 9/20/18
What's It Like On the Ha-Ha? 9/20/18
Ensenada Start for the Ha-Ha?
A Whole Lot of Multihulls!!! 9/14/18
Ha-Ha Registration Deadline Extended
Tracking the Ha-Ha Fleet 9/12/18
New Numbers For the Baja Ha-Ha
Yet Another Tip On Tips From the Grand Poobah
And So We Meet Again!
Looking for Pre Ha-Ha Berthing in San Diego?
Baja Ha-Ha Update From the Grand Poobah
The Smallest Ha-Ha Boat Ever is Back!
Provisioning - What to Bring? 7/18/18
Sailing to Mexico with the Baja Ha-Ha
Satellite Phone Store
Dear Baja Ha-Ha Sailors 7/5/18
Let's Talk About Ha-Ha Boat Size 7/4/18
One for the Multihulls 7/2/18
Get Your Baja Ha-Ha Entry Packet 6/22/18
14 MULTIHULLS 6/28/18
OOPS! 6/28/18
Quick Start for 25th Baja Ha-Ha 5/11/18
25th Baja Ha-Ha Registration Starts May 9 5/7/18
Passport Required for National Parks 5/1/18
Last Year's Fastest Ha-Ha Boat
Ha-Ha High Noon, May 9 4/20/18
Simple and Inexpensive Cruising 4/16/18
HELP! 4/15/18
Alert: Change in Mexico Tourist Visas
The Baja Ha-Ha's Silver Anniversary 1/17/18

Baja Ha-Ha XXIV was held on October 29-November 11, 2017. Look for the wrap-up article in the December issue of Latitude 38.

Baja Ha-Ha 24 Sealed With a Kiss 11/13/17
Baja Ha-Ha Wrap Up 11/10/17
Baja Ha-Ha Leg 1 Report 11/3/17
Baja Ha-Ha Sails South 11/3/17
Complying with Mex Laws Is So Hard! 10/4/17
A Young Girls' 'Mafia' in the Ha-Ha? 9/25/17
Tips on TIPs for Mexico 9/22/17
Young Farmers Want to Crew on Ha-Ha 9/20/17
Baja Ha-Ha Deadline Extended 9/15/17
Baja Ha-Ha XXIV Sign-Up Deadline 8/23/17
Latitude 38 Fall Crew List Party 7/5/17
SoCal Ta-Ta, 12; Baja Ha-Ha, 104 7/3/17
Ha-Ha Entries Off to an Explosive Start 5/15/17

Mexican Customs' Cure for Uncanceled TIPs 12/14/16
Avoid the Baja Ha-Ha 11/30/16
Reenacting a Cult Classic 11/16/16
20 for 20 for OI' 63 11/14/16
Champagne and Sashimi Sailing 11/7/16
Summerwind Aground in Baja Ha-Ha 11/4/16
Ideal Conditions for Ha-Ha Leg One 11/2/16
Welcome to La Paz! 11/2/16
Huge Baja Ha-Ha Fleet Heads South 10/31/16
Mexicans Rock TIP Cancelation Process 10/28/16
Ha-Ha News: Kids, Fuel & Late Entries 10/24/16
Best Solution for Canceling Old TIPs 10/21/16
Great News on Temporary Import Permits 10/17/16
Additions and Clarifications 9/28/16
Will There Be Room for the Ha-Ha Fleet? 9/26/16
Lat 38 Mexico-Only Crew Party Today! 9/7/16
SPECIAL REPORT: Hurricane Newton Hits Baja 9/6/16
It's Two Months Until Halloween 8/31/16
Get Your Mexico Visa Online 8/29/16
Gear Needs for Cruising Mexico 8/12/16
Trick or Treat Baja Ha-Ha 8/5/16
Ha-Ha Entries Quickly Approach 100 5/23/16

What is it?

The Baja Ha-Ha is a two-week cruisers rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which takes place every fall. The 2018 dates will be October 28-November 10. For answers to frequently asked questions, see our About the Ha-Ha page. And be sure to support our sponsors, without whom there would be no Baja Ha-Ha.

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